Project Portfolio

It was easy to get enthusiastic about this development soon after meeting the stakeholders and listening to their plans in Niagara. 6 years later we are continuing to add value to this winery’s expansion and operations. Projects include the installation of a rural winery wastewater treatment facility and infrastructure throughout the property including gas, water, hydro, data/phone, and storm water service distribution. New construction of an 8,000 sq ft building is being designed by one of Canada’s pre-eminent and acclaimed architects. Construction here has been contemporary and rule breaking, much like their approach to winemaking and further to the Pearl Morrisette brand as a whole. There are many chapters left in this Willy Wonka of Wine book.

Our hands and hearts are everywhere in this well appointed village. We were fortunate to have met this client just after purchasing their primary building for an upstart winery. That was 1991 and the wine industry was in its infancy, as was our construction company. This 260,000 sq ft development includes new construction as well as substantial renovations to historically significant buildings in Jordan and the Beamsville Bench. Projects here have spanned 27 years and include production areas, barrel cellars, passenger and freight elevators, multiple restaurants, multiple retail stores, Inn, Hotel, Spa, agricultural buildings and infrastructure distribution/upgrades. We were a partner in the first internal management for discharge back into the regional wastewater system.

This was a fun project with a creative group. Together, we created a remarkable transformation of space for their flagship gallery. The award-winning project also marked the beginning of a dynamic and symbolic relationship with this firm.

This historic project was equipped with a talented and ambitious team of architects, engineers, project managers and trades. The assembly of these stakeholders by an enthusiastic owner with a clear vision fostered a commitment to excellence that made this project the accomplishment it is. Stunning design, engineering marvels, and serious teamwork all contributed to a national 1st place finish. Despite encountering a plethora of challenges along the way, our team provided almost daily solutions to keep this special project on course with serious consideration given to budget and speed of completion along the way.

This brewery distinguishes itself almost as much with its home as it does with its tasty beer.



If it’s made out of wood-we’re in!
Most general contractors contract carpentry out. We employ a team of highly skilled craftsmen in order to serve you and your project. We have decades of experience nailing the most challenging of carpentry projects. From front facades, to interior fit outs, we have the experience and manpower to execute. Don’t take our word for it, check out our gallery.